Want to Know Exactly What Is Being Used on Your Upholstery?

 Many upholstery cleaning products are wet and are sprayed straight onto upholstery. These normally contain soap and degreasers, which will loosen up and remove dirt and oil. Similar solutions are available to use with upholstery cleaning equipment. These will normally be poured into a reservoir which is within the machine. Other kinds of products are dry cleaning and foam based cleaning products, both are normally sprayed on, left to dry, and simply brushed off the upholstery.

 Upholstery cleaning equipment is quite expensive to buy, which is why many people choose to either rent it or call in a professional upholstery cleaning service to do the job for them. Several of these machine manufacturers will in fact have their own cleaning products which are specifically made to be used with their machines. Sometimes, renting these machines could call for the purchase of those cleaning products.

 These machines generally work by mixing the cleaning product with steam. The heat which comes from the steam will loosen any dirt or oil. Once the piece of furniture is coated with a cleaning product, a vacuum attachment will then be used over the whole  surface. Typically, the vacuum will remove any loosened soil and moisture; even though the upholstery is still slightly damp, the vacuuming will vastly increase drying time.

 In most cases, the call for cleaning methods can be decreased by keeping up with any spills and stains as soon as they happen. The longer a stain is left, the harder it will be to remove. Sometimes, fresh stains are removed by simply blotting them using warm soapy water and paper towels.

 However, be aware that some cleaning products do contain carcinogenic or dangerous chemical additives. One of these is known as perchloroethylene and can affect a person’s nervous system. Another additive known as naphthalene is poisonous when inhaled. People using cleaners that have these need to ensure their room is ventilated and to wear a mask at all times when dispensing these cleaners.

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