Outstanding Upholstery Care You Can Only Find in Our Company

If you are fond of collecting upholstered furniture for a grand display around your interior space, you should also get ready for the daily duties of furniture care and maintenance. Upholstered furniture can be susceptible to dirt and dust even just by staying in one of the corners in your interior space. This can be possible with kids climbing on the couch still wearing their outside shoes. And in worst cases, it can be caused by pets staying up in your upholstered furniture most of the time and leaving pet stains behind. Get in

touch with a professional company to assist you in upholstery care. Turn to our upholstery company for your specific needs. Keep on reading to know more about us.

For a lot of exciting benefits, try our quality service at A1 Red Carpet. We specialize in upholstery care for all kinds of furniture. You can easily hire our service at affordable and comfortable rates. If you would be looking for a reputable upholstery service around Boulder, CO, you will find out how our service are highly preferred by most residents in the area. With skilled and friendly professionals on our team, there’s no doubt we’re the leading upholstery company in the area.

Take advantage of the service we can offer when it comes to upholstery care. Unlike wood furniture, upholstered furniture needs specialized cleaning treatment that only professionals like us know how to do. Never settle for less. Instead of hiring an amateur service, it would be very beneficial to choose our affordable yet quality service instead.

For your service inquiries and reservations, take a formal visit in our company office in Boulder, CO. We work 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm. If you want to reach us through a phone call, be reminded to call at (303) 242-8494. Get in touch with us today!

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