Quality Pet Stain Removal Service

We love our pets. However, what we don’t love are the stains that they leave behind in our carpets and upholstery. While there are some who can still find time to clean after their pet, most of us have busy schedules to keep, and we might end up just leaving pet stains alone. However, pet stains can increase the deterioration rate of your carpet and upholstery. Here at A1 Red Carpet, we will remove pet stain on your carpets and upholstery in Boulder, CO so that you won’t have to. Our pet stain removal service is just the solution that you are looking for.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Pet stains can come from different sources. However, the most common source is from pet urine and fecal matter. Not only will they give your carpets and upholstery a nasty stain, they also smell bad as well. We will thoroughly clean your carpets until the stain is no longer visible. After cleaning, we will sanitize surfaces that your pet has peed or pooped on to remove bacteria and other contaminants. We will then deodorize the surface to give it that fresh smell. As part of our pet stain removal service, we will not just clean your carpet and upholstery, we will also make sure that they are bacteria-free and smell good as well.

High-Quality Cleaning

We understand that you want to use your upholstered furniture right away, and that’s why we will clean all pet stains quickly. We will finish the job on time or even earlier so that you can enjoy the comfort that your carpets and upholstery bring again in no time. We use high-quality cleaning tools and products to ensure a clean surface without leaving any residue behind. Once we are done cleaning, we will inspect the surfaces that were cleaned to make sure that all stains and odor are removed properly.

We have been in business since 1979, and we always deliver when it comes to results. Our pet stain removal service is trusted by residents in the Boulder, CO area. Call A1 Red Carpet now at (303) 242-8494.

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