When Do You Need a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service?

If you want to clean your interior and patio furniture and you have never done it before, you definitely need to read some professional guidelines that will help you get started. It is not mandatory to book an expert upholstery cleaning service in order to achieve quality results. Sometimes, the stains to be removed are not so stubborn or are not that many, and you can simply do the task with traditional household cleaners.


When you do not use your patio furniture for an extended period of time (usually during the winter), it is a good idea to cover it well.

Before storing it, make sure that it is well vacuumed and wiped.

If your patio chairs are made from aluminum, make sure to clean them on a regular basis using only mild soap and water. You can also clean them with white vinegar once every 2-3 months in order to remove the calcium buildup. Never use an abrasive cleaner or power-washer.

If your wooden patio furniture is exposed to sun and rain, make sure you get it repainted every year.


If you spill your drink or food over any upholstered furniture, you’d better clean it immediately. At least blot the stain well, so that it does not soak in the fibers and can be easily extracted later. Use mild soap, water, and a non abrasive brush. If the stain is greasy, you may cover it with salt after you blot it. It will extract the oil.

If you want to reduce the frequency of booking professional upholstery cleaning service, make sure to vacuum your upholstered furniture and curtains on a weekly basis. This way, surface dust will be removed before it builds in deep into the fabric.

If you want to keep your furniture clean for longer and preserve its colors, we recommend that you ask your steam cleaning team to apply a protective sealant next time you book a service with them.

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