How to Get Rid of All Stubborn Stains

A Few Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Getting a small stain on your white carpet can spoil your mood and the party you have been planning for weeks. Don’t let this happen and read this blog to learn more about the most effective and lasting home carpet cleaning methods. Of course, the professional cleaning techniques and the powerful machines used are unmatched. You should hire carpet care experts at least once a year and if your carpets have suffered water damage, a water damage service provider. But in the meanwhile, you can do this:

  • Do not wait. As soon as you get your carpet dirty and have some spaghetti with ketchup on it or your kid dropped his/her chocolate, you have to remove the excess food. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to eliminate it at a later stage. Remove as much solid food particles as you can, so they don’t turn into permanent stains.
  • Gently blot, do not scrub the stains. With the help of a damp cloth and a general cleaner at hand, try to blot the stain. Spray a normal quantity of your cleaning solution, do not over-wet it, specialists advise. Work from the edges towards the center of the stain. Is it very important to blot, instead of rubbing it.
  • Blot again with paper towel. If the stain is with red, brown, black or another bright color, you may want to apply a cleaning solution again and blot it again. Use a new clean fiber cloth. Usually, if you see no effects the first time, now you should be able to notice the difference.
  • Don’t forget to rinse. If the stain has already gotten away at this stage, you will have to rinse it well. Steep a clean and soft rag into a cup with warm clean water and keep blotting the stain a few times. Repeat this carpet cleaning step as many times as needed until it has completely gone away.
  • Dry it out. After the stain is gone, your carpet will still have a wet spot on it. You have to dry it out with a hairdryer or another effective tool. Otherwise, it may cause mold and mildew growth.

Nevertheless, hiring a reputable carpet cleaning and water damage service team to tackle your dirty and dusted carpets is a lot better idea. If you are a resident of the Boulder, CO area, give us a call now at (303) 242-8494.