Fed up with Having to Cover Your Sofa Due to Unsightly Stains?

 One of the first things to do when attempting upholstery cleaning is to determine what the fabric is that needs cleaning. Upholstery materials range from suede and leather to faux leather and cloth made out of either natural or synthetic fibers. Some of these can be colorfast, this means they can be cleaned without having to worry about any fading. Other kinds which are not colorfast could spot if a cleaner is used on it. Which is why understanding your upholstery will help you identify products which are specifically made to clean your material without you worrying about blotching or fading.

 Another thing to consider is the length of time that stains have been present. A stain which just happened is normally easy to treat, as it has no time to settle into the fibers. However, one which has been in there for longer will be more difficult to remove and could need a professional upholstery cleaning service to remove it. Knowing exactly how much effort will be needed to remove a stain will greatly help you know how to remove it and what products to use.

 There are commercial products which are available, in addition to basic formulas which  can be made using everyday household cleaners. On fresh grease stains, salt and talcum powder will help to absorb the grease and stop the stain from seeping into the fabric deeper. A dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and water will also create a basic upholstery cleaning solution, which is excellent on coffee stains. Mold can be removed by mixing hydrogen peroxide and bleach. However, if these remedies do not work, there is every chance one of the commercial ones will do the job.

 Plus, always remember to test your upholstery cleaning solution first, before applying it to your entire upholstery. Find a section which is not visible, and then apply a small amount of the solution; this will determine if it damages the material. If no fading or damage occurs, then the chances are good the product is safe to use.

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