More about Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Here, at A1 Red Carpet, we can offer you our carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. Our cleaning company specializes in a number of carpet cleaning methods to help you remove stains. Established in 1979, we have been providing exceptional services in Boulder, CO for years.

We are a committed company that only provides quality workmanship. We adhere to proper procedures to ensure our clients are always satisfied. Not only that, we apply the best methods to keep your rugs clean and safe. When you are wondering which company to call, choose us the – carpet specialist in town.

One of the services we can provide you with is dry powder method. Here are some of the steps we follow to deliver this carpet cleaning service.

Preparing the Carpet – We use a solvent that contains a cleaning agent. We then spread it on the carpet. The products we use on your carpet will not damage its fibers They are created to loosen the dirt for easier clean.

We only use the right amount so your carpets do not get a white powdery look. If you are worried about chemicals, our solutions are safe and eco-friendly.

Brush Cleaning – After applying the solution, we use a brush or a nozzle with a brush. The brush can help agitate difficult to remove dirt and stains. Using a brush will help the solution penetrate your carpet’s pile deeper ensuring better results.

Vacuum – When the solvent is dry, we use the vacuum to remove it. We clean up the solvent thoroughly.

The tools and solutions we use during this process are of the highest quality. We make sure that when we work on your carpets, you get your money’s worth. To do so, we only let our professionals use top grade equipment to ensure high-quality results.

When you want to try cleaning your carpets with the dry powder method, call us. You can reach us at (303) 242-8494. When it comes to tough carpet stains, A1 Red Carpet is your expert cleaner. Call us and take advantage of our services today.

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